Front Row From left to right: Kathy Butler/ Historian, Heather Stanley/ Secretary, Sharon Trull, Jessica Long/ Treasurer, Hilda Howell, Mimi Abell/ Public Relations Committee Chairperson
Back Row From left to right: Seth Herbold/ President, Moira Canty, Rachel Martin/ Vice President, Mark Berman/ Nominating Committee Chairperson, Jeff Leathe/ Long Range Planning Committee Chairperson, Kate Doherty, Mark Gagnon

The Marshwood Education Foundation has been formed to
support innovation and excellence through grants for the Eliot
and South Berwick schools. MEF will function as a 501(c)(3) tax
exempt corporation and function as an independent, non-profit
organization of dedicated community members.

MEF is committed to supporting public education in Eliot
and South Berwick through funding innovative educational
opportunities that fall outside the responsibility of the school
budget. The school board has developed a new policy to
facilitate receipt of grant monies.

MEF will work with teachers and administrators to identify
ideas and unique ways to support creative, mind opening
projects. Eliot and South Berwick elementary schools, the
Great Works and Marshwood Middle and High schools can
participate in the grant process.

This group of individuals from Eliot and South Berwick have joined forces to use their individual talents
and experiences to help lay the foundation for a successful organization with a primary goal
of funding educational grants for MSAD 35.
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