About Us

About The Marshwood Education Foundation

2019 Marshwood Education Foundation Board Seated from left to right, first row: Mimi Abell, Trish Towle, Hilda Howell, Rachel Martin, Jessica Long, Kristen Dalton, Vicki Stewart, Jessica Elsemore. Second row: Kate Doherty, John Neff, Mark Berman, Skip Cousens, Roberta Beavers, Corie Cullen, Kathy Butler, Diane Smaracko, Seth Herbold Not pictured: Lisa Glidden, Lisa Jones, Charlene Theriault, Jen Therrien,  Sharon Trull, and Student Board Members: Alayna Melino and Michael LaSelva

The Marshwood Education Foundation was created in 2009 to support innovation and excellence in our public school system. We believe that great ideas should be pursued! Our goal is to provide funding for special projects that will enhance the student experience but are not included in the school budget. Since our inception, we’ve funded a wide variety of projects in all major educational areas. From fitness trails to solar panels! From ukuleles to robots! From high school outdoor leadership courses in the White Mountains to backyard hoophouses for grades pre-k-3! Check out our Grants Awarded to see!

We are a 501(c)(3) tax exempt corporation and function as an independent, non-profit organization of dedicated community members. We raise money through community events and through the amazing generosity of our Friends!