Trellis Award Recipients

The mission of the Marshwood Education Foundation is to fund innovative curriculum that challenges and engages our students. You have epitomized the goals of the foundation and bring true meaning to supporting excellence in education. Donations given in your name have helped MEF award grants over $150,000!

Congratulations to our recent Recipients!

Mrs. Darling, CES
Mrs. Tiede, CES
Mrs. Rider, CES
Mrs. Arbelo, CES
Mrs. Adams, MGWS
Ms. Giorard, MGWS
Ms. Murphy, MMS
Mrs. Crilley, MMS
Mrs. Dorr-Garrity, CES
Mrs. Bousquet, CES
Ms. Visciano, MGWS
Ms. Hundley, MMS
Mr. Petrie, MMS
Mrs. Freeman, MMS
Mrs. Lathrop, MMS
Mrs. Schoff, MMS
Mrs. Janosik, MHS
Mrs. Schenck, MHS
Mr. Piskura, MHS

Past Trellis Award Recipients

Alanna Craffey CES
Amy Rivard EES
Andrea Rohde EES
Barbara Kumin EES
Beth Glidden Little Buddies Daycare
Beth Werker MMS
Candace Manero MGWS
Claire Merenda MGWS
David Miller MMS
Deborah Dell Isola CES
Debra Patenaude CES
Denise Meagher EES
Elizabeth Clark MMS
Elizabeth Hoyt CES
Elizabeth Morrison MGWS
Elizabeth Werker MMS
Ellen Caruso CES
Erin Murphy CES
Fred Graunke MHS
Gina Brackett EES
Grace Jacobs CES MGWS
Helene Cass
Jan Vancour CES
Jennifer Bogard CES
Jerry Burnell MGWS
John Caverly MMS
Judith Winters MMS
Julie Dow EES
Justin Roy MMS
Kara Galeno MMS
Karla Kyle MGWS
Katherine Conte MGWS
Kathryn O’Malley CES
Keith Barron MMS
Keri Stoorza EES
Kimberly Howe CES
Kristin Eckhardt CES
Kristine Fontaine CES
Laura Hofacker CES
Leigh Robinson MGWS
Lisa Dinsmore CES
Lisa Fife EES
Lisa Garafolo MMS
Lori Girouard MGWS
Lynn Walker MMS
Lynn Dorr-Garrity CES
Maryl Kilbourn EES
Maureen Martin MMS
Matt Sanzone MHS
Megan Zottoli-Breen CES
Melanie Dodge EES
Melanie Crowe MMS
Michele Rider CES
Michelle James Little Buddies Daycare
Miss Stephanie Little Buddies Daycare
Miss Sue Little Buddies Daycare
Pamela Mulcahey CES
Patsy Corriveau CES
Penny Gagnon EES
Rachel Wendell CES
Sara Lindgren MGWS
Sarah Williams MGWS
Skip Cousens MHS
Susan Barbary EES
Susan Sullivan CES
Tracy Ann LaPointe MMS
Trudy Blanchette Little Buddies Daycare
6th Grade White Team MMS
Lego Robotics Group Leaders MGWS (Mr. Smith, Mr. Whelan, Mr. Page, Ms. Scott)