Trellis Awards


Trellis Awards

Paying tribute to our teachers can come in many forms. One unique way to do so is to make a donation in the name of the special teachers in your child’s life in the form of a MEF Trellis Award gift. A gift of any amount may be given. Honored teachers’ names will appear on our website and teachers will receive a certificate from MEF to inform them of the Trellis gift you have given in their name. The Trellis Award is a wonderful way to honor our teachers and contribute to our children’s education with the same monetary gift. Like all donations to MEF, the Trellis Award gift is tax-deductible.

You may make a Trellis Award donation simply by completing the donation form below and selecting your preferred form of payment. Please provide the name of the teacher or other school employee you wish to recognize. Also let us know if you want your gift to be in your, your student or family name, or anonymous. There is an option to include a message to the award recipient. View the Trellis Award recipients

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    Marshwood Education Foundation (MEF) is an independent, non-profit organization of dedicated community members. The foundation is committed to supporting public education in Eliot and South Berwick through funding innovative educational opportunities that fall outside the responsibility of the school budget. MEF will be organized as tax exempt 501(c)(3) corporation.

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