Marshwood Education Foundation Grants



The Great Works Outdoor Classroom — Sarah Allis & Wendy Shaw,Great Works School, awarded $10,100

This grant helps to fund the development and implementation of an Outdoor Classroom at Great Works School. The centerpiece of this classroom will feature a large, covered, wooded structure with a performance space and 25 tree stump seats as well as a classroom area for instruction with tables and seating. There will also be a garden area with two raised beds. The garden will allow students to be citizen-scientists working in collaboration with other students across North America to do research, collect data, and report results. There will also be a natural landscaped area for reflection and stillness. The idea originated from an all staff reading of the book, What Schools Should Be. Both teachers and students were encouraged to think big, and the result was a profound need to have more outdoor learning opportunities. In the development of this project both services and money are secured from outside organizations including the school PTO, a school wide fundraiser, and the Sanford Regional Tech Center.

Exploring Teaching While Supporting Struggling Readers — Heidi Early-Hersey,Marshwood Distric Schools, awarded $5,750

This project is designed to increase the district’s capacity to support struggling readers by incorporating high schoolers as, “teachers in training”. Participating MHS students will be paid as student teachers and will be trained and receive mentoring from the reading intervention staff. The goal is to target students who have an interest in becoming the next generation of teachers. This program expands the Summer Reading Program that was started last year. It will expand the number of students served and the level of support. This program would support 75 elementary students and would train 5 MHS student teachers. This industrious plan is obtaining $20,000 from district funds and is seeking the remainder of funds from MEF.

A River Runs Through Us — Pam Mulcahey,Central Elementary School, awarded $2,905

To commemorate the 25th anniversary, (yes 25th!!!) of the Hike Through History, the gang at Central School and the Old Berwick Historical Society have developed a 4th Hike. This hike takes place at Vaughn Woods and highlights the role the Salmon Falls River had on our community and history. This is another well thought out and developed plan that involves not just Central School and the Middle School but also the grade three students at both Eliot and Rollinsford Elementary Schools. In total, over 720 students and their families along with community members will participate. This collaboration ensures that when students all meet up in eighth grade they have this shared experience to bring when they are called upon to be student leader/teachers. The success of the hike depends on the content and teaching of the curriculum. The bulk of the money requested for this grant is for the artifacts that will become permanent learning tools for the teachers and students.

Hometown Roots— Ann Shisler, Eliot Elementary School, awarded $4,000

This project is an extension of an earlier MEF grant to EES. It is the seed money for a three year plan to extend student research and expand the mobile mural. Students will identify and talk with local elders and historians to investigate the history of Eliot Schools. Through this investigation students will select stories most worthy of preservation and then work with returning artists in residence to expand the existing mural. In addition, the students will develop a physical theater performance. A new component to this project will be a community service group of third graders who will research the nine one room school houses and develop a map.

The Cool AID Club (Academic Adventures in Disguise)— Sara Allis, Marshwood Great Works School, awarded $2,948

This project is intended for 25 at-risk 4th and 5th graders at GWS. This project will provide enriching and engaging opportunities to students through community service learning and peer collaboration. The goal is to foster a sense of belonging and importance of community. This grant would be an attempt to level the playing field and provide background knowledge for students to help them build vocabulary development, comprehension, writing and problem solving skills. This project includes weekly activities that include visiting speakers, field trips, making and selling products, practical life skills and the opportunity for students to really connect with their community.

Check Out the Ukulele— Kate Smith, District, awarded $2,330

This grant would provide ukulele kits for the 5 school libraries, and the South Berwick and Eliot Public Libraries. These kits would be available for loan to students and community members. This grant is very well articulated and would provide a unique learning tool for all students of the RSU 35 community. The idea of using the public libraries as a conduit for this project is both new and exciting. Because no other funds are being secured, the Board feels it is necessary to make sure the recipients understand that this is a one-time grant, and the responsibility for upkeep and expansion of this project is with the recipients.

Robotics Class — Ashleigh Roy, Marshwood Middle School, awarded $4,016

The grant provides funds for 10 Lego Mindstorm EV3 Robots for the 8th grade Robotics class.

Learn About Our World— Erica Clark, Central Elementary School, awarded $2,767

This grant provides funds for supplies to create social/academic kits to support three social studies content areas; Veterinary, Post Office, and Restaurant/Farm to Table. In addition to the kits, this project also includes field trips to the local Post Office, the Rollinsford Village Veterinary and visits from local chefs, postal workers, and the SPCA.

Marshwood Volleyball Equipment Purchase — Jay Davis, Marshwood High School, awarded $4,000

This grant converts the MHS gym from a 1 net to a 2 net volleyball facility.

Literacy Through Poetry — Pam Mulcahey and Brian Evan-Jones, Central Elementary School, awarded $3,780

This grant funds an artist-in-residence program to support all second grade students in poetry writing.

Local Stories  — Diane Reppucci, Eliot Elementary School, awarded $5,100

This grant funds an integrated arts project that combines local history research and community collaboration to create a mural that documents and preserves the stories of Eliot. Two artists-in-residence will work with all 2nd grade students to help them conduct interviews, research, and investigations to create a school mobile mural and a live theater performance.

Marshwood Middle School Winter Guard — David Graichen, Marshwood Middle School, awarded $4,650

This project starts a Winter Guard program at MMS that will serve as a feeder program to MHS. The program will develop Winter Guard skills for younger Marshwood students and offer dancers and athletes another option outside of cheering and traditional team sports.

We the People — Andrew Rowe, Marshwood Middle School, awarded $9,000

This project starts a “We the People” program at MMS. This program uses critical-thinking exercises, cooperative-learning practices and a culminating authentic performance assessment to teach the history and principles of constitutional democracy.

Score Composition Project  — David, Graichen, Marshwood High School, awarded $3,000

This project would bring composer, Thomas Borgault to MHS to work with band students on creating an original score of music. The composer will work with students to create a piece that represents the students’ abilities, styles and interests. The students’ piece will be premiered at the May 2016 concert.

Sticks and Stones — Brian Bergeron-Killough, Eliot Elementary School, awarded $5,000.00

Artist-in-Resident, Jeff Irwin and Skip Burnette, will provide a week-long workshop to students and staff at EES that teaches students tools and strategies to address bullying.

Transformative Media: Sustaining Marshwood Media, Year Two — Kate Smith & Bill Rogers, RSU35 District, awarded $7,500.00

Staff and Students will work together under mentorship of Bill Rodgers to create student-produced broadcasts and documentaries that capture school and community events.

A Land Without Borders: Central School Students as Citizen Scientists — Kate Smith, Central Elementary School and Marshwood Middle School, awarded $1,200.00

Award money will be used for the purchase of an outdoor antenna to enable students the ability to monitor the outdoor classroom environment. University of Southern Maine (USM), professor, Jeff Beaudry, will model the use of new, earth science system tools that will collect data and provide students a global perspective.

Instrument Tutoring — David Graichen, Marshwood High School, awarded $2,000.00

The MHS band director will use the award to bring in local professional musicians to teach students individually on their instruments. The goal is to foster relationships between students and musicians and provide guest conductors to lead band.

Walking Classroom — Lori Girouard, Marshwood Great Works School, awarded $2,550

The Walking Classroom is a school literacy and fitness initiative that simultaneously combines literacy and health as students increase their physical activity and build area content knowledge, while addressing different learning styles. Students of all levels will be able to enjoy the same lessons and therefore will be more likely to participate in follow-up activities and discussions. Teachers can further differentiate these activities to accommodate their students’ learning styles and needs. Students are active learners as they walk, listen, and learn.

Hawkbotics — Keith Barron, Marshwood Middle School, awarded $2,099.50

Hawkbotics is a program that is designed to lead middle school students into the fields of robotics, engineering, technology, and leadership. This unique program will be built off of a mentorship with the Great Works School allowing students to progress from mentee to mentor to finally group leaders. Program will run throughout the school year and include participation in the Maine State Robotics Track meet.

Similarity Awareness — Christine Bisson, Eliot Elementary School, awarded $1,000

Eliot Elementary School will host Northeast Passage for a week long Similarity Awareness Program exploring similarities of all people regardless of disability. Students will participate in a presentaiton, wheelchair sports and debrief session over the course of a week. NEP has conduceted Adapted Rec Sports since 1990 throughout New England with over 10,000 school age children.

5th Grade Robotics — David Whelan JR. & Elizabeth Higgins, Marshwood Great Works School, awarded $4,199

MEF funding will be used to purchase Mindstorm robotics kits separate from the after school programs as well as from alternative energy projects. The technologuty will be used to enhance the exploration of STEM in all 5th grade classrooms. The LEGO Mindstorms system from FIRST was selected because of the research. All classes will solve hands-on engineering problems. One hope is that because this will be done IN classes all of the 5th grade girls will be engaged in the robotics lessons that this will translate to an increase in participation by girls in the after school robotics and other STEM activties.

Ukelele Club — Brian Bergeron Killough, Eliot Elementary School, awarded $900

The establishment of a Ukulele Cub requires the purchase of 20 ukeleles for the musc room at EES. The group will consist of 2nd and 3rd graders that meet once/week outside of music class. Meetings will focus on the skills necessary to play the instrument and the joy of making music together. The experience would culminate in performances at school assemblies and community events.

Central School Cares — Kate Smith, Central School, awarded $4,900

Central School CARES is an antibullying campaign for students, staff and community that focuses on kindness and acceptance and teaches skills to avoid potential bullying. Funds would be used for a 7 day all school Sticks and Stones residency with musician Jeff Erwin.

Little Free Libraries — Jenn Bogard, Central School, awarded $1,000

Local arts, Shane Chick will work with Central School students to design and create two little free libraries. Students will help decide where to locate the libraries around the towns of South Berwick and/or Eliot. Families can take a free book to keep, or they can leave a book, raising literacy for all citizens. The concept is from and we hope this will inspire even more little free libraries. Funds will go toward supplies and artist fees.

Central School Jr. FIRST — John Wiegert, Central School, awarded $2,245.60

Youth teams will work closely with STEM mentors after school to build a challenge related model using LEGO bricks and motorized moving parts. Children will research a real world problem, collaborate to solve it and create a “Show Me” poster to share how they solved the problem. In addition to promoting STEM skills for youth, this project will focus on Jr LL core values of team work, independent problem solving skills, respect and kindness. Funds will be used for Jr FLL base kits, registration fees, for 4 teams of 6 = 24 students. Great in-kind volunteer time!

Marshwood Media — Vicki Stewart, District, awarded $7,500

Vicki Stewart of Central School was awarded a $7,500 media grant to provide opportunities for staff and students from all five district schools to create student-produced broadcasts and documentaries to capture and highlight current events, successful projects, ongoing work, and historic events within the Marshwood schools and community.

Eliot Elementary School: A 21st Century Twist to Nurture Reading Achievement — proposed by Joanne Hoerth, Ann Shisler, Christal Villemaire, Reading Intervention teachers – Awarded $1,227.80

The reading intervention teachers will use their grant to use web-based resources (RazzKids and Reading A-Z) for maximizing student achievement in the area of literacy. The use of online subscriptions to these programs would provide families with another opportunity to partner with school staff to develop and strengthen literacy skills in their students.

Marshwood Great Works School: Choice Books –- proposed by Susan Goettlich, Reading Specialist– Awarded $2750.

This project will provide opportunities for disengaged readers to assume the role of reader as book researcher, book spokesperson, book selector and book promoter for the school, essentially creating a student book choice award program.

Marshwood High School: Hawks Outdoor Leadership Development — proposed by Scott Patch, Health and Wellness Teacher – Awarded $3,132.

HOLD is a student lead group that began last year and provides all students the opportunity to experience the outdoors. They will establish a partnership with the Marshwood Great Works School to provide their fifth grade students with mentors leading up to and with them at Pinkham Notch.

Marshwood High School Science Club — Sara Cathey, Science Teacher, awarded $2,900

The MHS Science Club will use its MEF grant to buy supplies for a variety of new projects. Science enthusiasts will be involved in projects including alternative energy production such as windmills and bio-fuels, chemistry pursuits, robotics, rockets, aquaculture, and many other areas of science. The money will also help students to participate in the Windstorm Challenge at University of Maine, Orono.

The overall goal for the Science Club is to provide a place for students who enjoy science to meet outside of normal class time and to pursue science topics that interest and excite them. The topics students have chosen to pursue thus far are topics that are not covered in MHS classes. All of the projects, and future projects that Science Club students are interested in focus on innovation and the engineering design process.

Digital Annotation — Jeff Rosinski, Marshwood High School, awarded $7,100

Benefit Advanced Placement (AP) Literature and Composition classes for many years to come. The grant will provide for the purchase of 40 kindles, cases, and supplemental texts to be used to closely measure students’ engagement in serious literature.

From The Ground Up — Kate Smith, Central School, awarded $1,500

Work with Ruth Baker, Jane Cowen-Fletcher and other community volunteers to develop a cookbook and guide for successfully creating an outdoor classroom and hoop house garden project. Students will create their own recipes to be included in the book as well as develop creative ways to document the creation of the outdoor classroom.

Standing and Swinging — Beth Werker, Marshwood Middle School, awarded $2,243

Purchase six Stand and Swing desks. These innovative desks allow students to either stand or sit and swing their legs while learning. By offering students an outlet for their excess energy, these desks help students stay focused on learning. Each student in Mrs. Werker’s classes will get an opportunity to try the desk and give their feedback.

Revitalizing Local History Education — Nina Maurer, District, awarded $5,000

The current Hike through History program will be greatly enhanced. MEF will grant $5000.00 to purchase new tour artifacts and pay for the services of a curriculum planner. This grant will provide new local history resources to teachers, develop a program for teaching middle school students who help present the hike material, and create an online Hike through History resource.

MGWS Robotics Program — Grace Jacobs & David Whelan, Marshwood Great Works School, awarded $2,439

This program, organized in three 10-week sessions, offers 36 students each year a chance to work cooperatively to assemble and program LEGO Mindstorm robots. Exposing students to this type of program teaches them the relationship between hardware and software. Students will use Lego Mindstorm kits to construct the robots and laptop computers to program their robots. This activity will be open to all MGWS students by a student/parent application.

Small Moments Travel Great Distances — Susan Goettlich, Marshwood Great Works School, awarded $3,125

Bring author/illustrator Jane Cowen Fletcher to the school to help implement the Lucy Calkins writing program. All students and teachers will participate in this creative writing and illustrating project. Each child will have the opportunity to produce a picture book and then share his or her book with students at Central Elementary School and Eliot Elementary School.

MGWS Fitness Trail Enhancement — Lori Girouard, Marshwood Great Works School, awarded $1,139

Add three workout stations — a balance beam, parallel bars, and pull-up bars, as well as distance markers along the trail. These stations will be welcome additions to the already popular fitness area, and will enhance the school’s Physical Education program.

Outdoor Classroom and Hoop House — Kate Smith, Central School, awarded $4,000

The landscape restoration at Central School will give the students an opportunity to learn about the joy of interacting with nature. This project also gives the students a chance to work with the high school Garden Club in planting, caring for, and harvesting vegetables in a hoop house. The grant will fund a portion of what is over a $25,000 project.

Wild Things! — Kristina Schultz, Central School, awarded $593

Designed to compliment the Outdoor Classroom project, this week-long program will give all students at Central School an opportunity to work with artist-in-residence Cynthia Robinson. Ms. Robinson will work with students on art projects centered around the school landscape and wildlife. Along with a $1,500 donation from the PTO, the grant covers the costs of the week.

One School, One Book — Tami Schoff, Marshwood Middle School, awarded $2,000

Improve reading achievements by providing a carefully selected book to each middle school student’s family and the entire MMS staff. Each participant will follow a calendar of reading, answer trivia questions, and be encouraged to participate in open discussions about the book. The goal of this shared reading experience is to increase literacy awareness and promote the benefits of reading at home.

Six Purple Empowerment — Keith Barrow & Lynn Walker, Marshwood Middle School, awarded $2,000

Promoting team building, self-confidence, and positive relationships with peers are among the goals of a trip to Camp Merrowvista in New Hampshire’s Ossipee Mountains. All members of the sixth grade Purple team at MMS will have the opportunity to take part in this trip, as well as attend follow-up events in school that will reinforce skills learned at the camp.

A Whale of an Integrated Arts/ Marine Science/ Community Partnership — Rhonda Mann, Marshwood Great Works School, awarded $3,000

Use ocean literacy as the context for teaching 5th grade science, and integrates fine arts, language arts and social studies in a curriculum built on a partnership with the Seacoast Science Center.

Yoga 4 Classrooms — Colleen Beausoleil, Eliot Elementary School, awarded $2,500

The school-wide program uses yoga-based practices to enhance learning readiness, fitness and productivity, and focuses on wellness for both students and teachers.

Fitness Trail — Mark Taggart, Marshwood Great Works School, awarded $3,000

The funds will be used to build a 2,000-foot long fitness path which will support the school’s physical education program, wellness goals, and community-building initiatives.

Happy Birthday Eliot — Ann Shisler, Eliot Elementary School, awarded $600

Support the school’s local history curriculum by funding a song-writing residency with local musician Sammie Haynes, and creating an opportunity for all students to be involved in the town’s bicentennial celebration in August 2010.

Solar Panel Demonstration — Jeff Gardiner, Marshwood High School, awarded $1,500

The funds allowed Gardner and the school’s Recycling Club to purchase three 80W photo voltaic panels for the school’s greenhouse, enhancing the energy curriculum as well as feeding electricity to three science classrooms.

Junk 2 Funk — Kate Smith, Central School, awarded $1,500

Bring local artist and educator Jeff Erwin to the school for a six-day residency in which all students will create and play original music using instruments made from recycled materials, learning about the creative and technological aspects of performance art, environmental science, and the science of sound.

Personal Fitness Expansion — Shelley Smith, Marshwood High School, awarded $1,000

Purchase two Wii Fit systems in order to provide alternative, individualized exercise activities.

School Garden — Emily Stauffer, Marshwood Middle School, awarded $1,000

Buy tools and a greenhouse, enhancing the life science curriculum, and cultivating awareness, skills and values relating to personal health, community and the environment.

Smart Music Computers — David Graichen, Marshwood High School, awarded $2,600

Fund the purchase of two iMac computers that provide on-screen feedback to students, and audio recordings to teachers, to improve student performance and assessment in the music program h4>Geocaching Club — Nina D’Aran, Central School, awarded $870

Support the purchase of four GPSs, assisting the Club’s mission to enhance third grade mapping skills, and promote outdoor education.

Document Reader — Katie Gilpatrick, Marshwood Middle School, awarded $930

Purchase a document camera and projector, allowing teachers to share instructional materials and student work more effectively and efficiently

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